5.3D Scanning and Printing:

25-02-2021 | Jai Hanani

1. Objectives:

2.Group Assignment: test the design rules for your 3D printer.

3.Individual Assignment:

4. Files, Planning, Tools:




5. Definitions, on-the-go:

6. Group Assigment:

7. Preliminary 3D Print:

While I was researching for what to print to get me acquainted with the whole process, I stumbled upon the Penrose Triangle. I definitely wanted to make one from the moment I first saw it in Godel, Escher, Bach.

Impossibility in its purest form - Roger Penrose

Unfortunately, this wasn't accepted as a valid assingment, by my mentors.

8. Experimenting with designs:

One of the problems I faced during the design process was the I lacked the intuition as to what constitutes "only 3D-printable"

Thus, I experimented with few designs:

Hollow Sphere

Intersecting Tori

Inscribed Sphere

These designs were either trivial, or kinda complicated to print using Fused-Despositon-Modelling method.

9. Building ASCII STL file from scratch.

After going through some documentation of STL file format, I wanted to build one from scratch.

10. Modelling a new object:

After some discussions with my instructor Jogin Francis, I set out to make a new CAD model, and did.

Download from here

I exported the file in .stl format to Cura.

Sliced it using Cura.

These were the settings:

Finally, I have sent it to print, along with other design I found on thingiverse.

It is a Hollow cylinder with circular-cut outs, and a cylindrical rod going through those holes. No utility, but serves the purpose of the assignment.

Here are the results:

If you are interested in the clothes pegs: Compliant Mechanism Why machines that bend are better? Thingiverse model.

This concludes my tryst with 3D Printing, for now.

11. 3D Scanning: