About Me

Art Invastion Lithuania, teaching teens in Lithuania to repair and customize bicycles recycled from Burning Man.

Nick Anastasia

This site documents my experience as a student in Fab Academy 2021.

Who am I?

I’m a former software engineer who got tired of sitting at a keyboard all day. I have been involved in the community at Artisan’s Asylum, a large maker space in Somerville, MA. I’m also a Parkour coach with Parkour Generations Boston. Through coaching I learned to be a better teacher and now I also teach at Artisan’s Asylum and Brookline Makery, another local maker space.

Projects and Hobbies

Kinetic Sculpture Races

I have participated in Kinetic Sculpture racing since 2016. Participants are challenged to build an all terrain, human powered, amphibious vehicle that is also a moving piece of art. I have participated in every running of the Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race and won the ACE Championship award in 2019. A team of competitors from the Lowell race banded together in 2018 to create the Lobster roll (top right) and towed it to California to compete in the Kinetic Grand Championship.

Spaceships (bicycles)

I have built numerous custom bicycles of all sizes. This is Chutes & Ladders my custom tall bike which is covered in RGB LEDs and has a sound system. It has flown over 2000 light years (miles for you earthlings) with SCUL, Boston’s friendly neighborhood bicycle chopper gang. It’s built for long range comfort and I’ve centuried it twice. It has three speeds slow, slower, and slowest.