Individual assignment:

Write an application that interfaces a user with an input &/or output device that you made.

We started with an on-line introduction like always in these days. And basically we are going to use the system of arduion again, this software. turned into a really powerfull tool.

For this assigment I use the processing program, I describe the installation process, programming of the interface and communication with the input and output device with the following images. First of all, we were understanidng everything posible about the languages, device interfaces, data interfaces, user interfaces, graphics, audio, video and math form this page link with more information

For the installation you just have to go to the page of Processing and download the integrated development environment

  • First, download processing
  • In my case I choose the option for Windows 64 bits.
  • Go to the program files x86
  • Open the option porcessing 3.3.7 windows64
  • unzip the file and we will have ready the development environment of processing to program our application and open the software.
  • Then, you will be able to see the icon of Processing
  • After installing the integrated processing development environment it is also important to download and install a serial communication library that will allow you to send and receive data through the serial port to communicate with the microcontrollers, this library you can download it in the following link


    We started the practice with Processing.

    Preparing the software to learn about it.

    Working with some basic tools.

    Editing colors and some basic stuff.

    Having the results.

    I added some other options to still learn about this software.

    //Firs Try
    								SoftwareSerial ftdi(1, 0); // RX, TX
    								void setup() 
    								pinMode(8,INPUT_PULLUP);//PULLUP es el conjunto del boton con una resistencia, con esta configuracion activamos el pullup interno del microcontrolador
    								void loop() 
    								  if (digitalRead(8)==LOW) //las condiciones no llevan";"

    We couldn´t work in the laboratory that´s why we made all the practice for the virtual way.


    • MIT App Inventor is useful and easy way to learn interface and applications because of the block´s system. The graphics you can get helps you to do all the stuff with quick results on the screen.