What will it do?

This project describes the advances made in the application of rapid prototyping (RP) technologies in the development of personalized prostheses for the physical rehabilitation of the hand in patients with chronic rheumatoid arthritis (RA) by creating a hand exoskeleton where The systemic study within the rehabilitation of muscular atrophy related to the loss of manual mobility due to rheumatoid arthritis in adults was analyzed and evaluated.

Who has done what beforehand?

There is a project that was previously carried out at the FabAcademy 2016 by Adriana Cabrera Link

She presents this: MyOrthotic is the solution to this case. Using digital Manufacturing to actuate in an individual case implementing 3D scanning, electronics and different 3D Printing techniques, to produce a proper solution in an efficient procedure for Frank. The Modelling: The model has a semi parametric design The arm is scannable and you can easily modify the 3D Scan in the 360 Fusion autodesk. The phalanges were modelled in a parametric design in order to adequate for each finger and also for in future to adequate this model for different patients. But, it is a very different project from the one I am carrying out. Her device generates movement, my device generates opposition to movement and measures the progress of rehabilitation to create a medical history.

What will you design?

The design to be presented is aimed at modeling specific parts that will fit a glove where tension cables are incorporated to generate resistance at the time of rehabilitation. In addition, the case of the electronic systems and the servo motors. The interface to record all the data obtained will also be designed. Here you go an example:

What materials and components will be used?, Where will they come from?, How much will they cost?

Name Units Units Price Total Price Link
PLA filament 200 gr. 1 $ 6 $ 6 https://www.makergroupecuador.com/filamento
Servo Motors Torque no less that 1,5 gr. 2 $ 5 $ 10 https://www.amazon.com/
Pair of gloves 1 $ 7 $ 7 https://www.megamaxi.com/
Elastic thread 1 $ 10 $ 10 https://www.megamaxi.com/
Flex sensor 5 $ 10 $ 50 https://www.amazon.com/
Force sensor 1 $ 12 $ 12 https://www.amazon.com/
ATMGA328 AU 1 $ 3 $ 3 http://www.fablabzoi.org/
Electronics suply SMD 1 $ 10 $ 10 http://www.fablabzoi.org/
ATtiny3216 1 $ 1 $ 1 http://www.fablabzoi.org/
ATtiny412 1 $ 1 $ 1 http://www.fablabzoi.org/
Other consumables (leds, tin, cables...) 1 $ 5 $ 5 http://www.fablabzoi.org/
Total $ 115

What parts and systems will be made?

  • Finger movement system
  • Glove adapters
  • Cases
  • Electronics and interface

What processes will be used?

  • 3D Scanning
  • 3D printing
  • Electronics Design
  • Electronics production
  • Input and Output Device
  • Molding and casting
  • Interface Design.

What questions need to be answered?

  • The itegration of the exoskeleton with the glove
  • The mapping of the sensors and calibration of the motors
  • The adjustment of the design of the finger phalanges
  • The case of the Electronics

How will it be evaluated?

The project wil be evaluated by a patient and a doctor.