Week 19: Project Development

Week objective:

Project management:

After returning back to the lab after the the lock down due to COVID-19 , we were limited by time, and tried our best to finish on time.

Fortunately, in the end I did it and presented my final project in the final day of presentations and I was the last student to present on Fab Academy 2020.

To plan my project I had meeting with our instructor Hashim, he helped me to divid my project in parts and to mark the completed parts in the project and what I still need to do, and focus to make the robot perform it main as shown in the white board the summary of the planning meeting we had:

Each day I was writing a To-Do List, before going to the lab, so I can be organized and finish as many tasks as I can. Of course not always the plans go how they are supposed to, most of the days the plans change for a lot of reasons, especially when you want to fabricate something, any problem can appear so not always everything will work from the first time.

I learned to be patient and even if my plan for this day doesn’t work as it supposed to, I need to be flexible and do something else to not waste my time. Time management in the Fab Academy is very important.

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

Completed task:

Remain task:

What’s working? what’s not?

what’s working?

what’s not?

What questions need to be resolved?

Questions that need to be resolved are how to control the robot using the application? How stop the Aluminum sheet cover hitting the wheels? Is the battery type enough to supply the robot? Using Camera instead of line following sensor to locate different rooms?

What will happen when?

I’m still developing the project to make it work properly . Indeed, I did present my final project, but still, the robot did not follow the line and the application is not ready yet. I need to work on these 2 points, also after Fab Academy, I will come to the lab to improve the robot to a better version.

What have you learned?

I have learned a lot of skills from doing the final project, my designing skills did improve a lot, as well as to my assembling and dealing with mechanical parts.

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