Week 17: Wildcard Week

Week Objective:

For this week’s assignment, I decide to use Digital Sewing Machine, available in the Lab see the image below and it’s called Janome Horizon MC15000.

Used Software:

Digitizer V5 Embroidery

Firstly, I would Thanks Salama Altamimy for teaching us how to use the machine and its own software, In addition to helping us all throughout the assignment whenever we had problems with machine.

My aim for this week to embroidered a T-shirt for my little brother Yahya 👦🏻 with his name.


I start by deciding where to put the name and appropriate choosing size for it, then select suitable hoop which was HOOP-FA10.

To prepare the design for sewing I can use the software or the machine it self, but as I want to sewing a name its easier and faster to use the machine, However I started with using the software because I want to learn how to use it.

On Digitizer V5 Embroidery software, open new file, select the Hoop: HOOP-FA10, from the object properties I did select the font type and size, and to change the colors I select the white box shown the bottom of the screen as I’m going to use white thread.

Next, I did prepare and fix the hoop in the T-shirt. This step was a little bit hard because the T-shirt was small and I need to fix the hoop in the exact place to have a neat and clean embroidering, Also, to ensure it will be fit in the machine correctly. Afterward, lock the hoop in the machine as shown.

  1. I select the threads colors and put them in the machine, insert the threads in the machine simple only follow the path of the numbers as shown:

Next, I insert the thread in the needle which can be considered the hardest step and needs some patience 💆🏻‍.

Next, export the design:

To load the design into the machine insert the flash in port # one, then select in the machine screen the folder icon, and open the design as shown:

After selecting the design two warning will appear as shown:

To start Embroider press START/STOP bottom:

Unfortunately, the first trial of the embroidering T-shirt was not successful as shown:

The T-shirt was sticking in the machine, besides, the thread was broke a lot while sewing.

First I thought the problem was only from the fabric type I used which was cotton (Navy blue T-shirt), So I changed the T-shirt with a better fabric (White T-shirt), but still the thread was broken easily. In addition to that I did place under the T-shirt a Vlieseline H180 fabric only to tight the T-shirt very well with the hoop, instead of that it was better if I placed a paper.

In the second trial, I placed under the T-shirt a paper As below in the images:

After failing in embroidering two T-shirts, the Third one (Red T-shirt) was successful. Thus, the problem was not only from the T-shirt fabrics, there is 3 probability why these problems happened in the first and second T-shirts::

  1. The machine Software need an update.

Salama Altamimy said this may be a software problem, because Written a name in a T-shit with machine must be real straight forward and takes few minutes. this why then I did try to use the machine to embroider the name.

  1. Machine need maintenance.

  2. The T-shirt was not tight enough in the the hoop.

In the second and third trial I used paper instead Vlieseline H180.

The video below shown the steps of embroidering using the machine:

Finally, this time the embroidering was successful as shown:

But some areas of the t-shirt was damaged. Since I want to give my brother something look beautiful and wearable, I did his name on a different t-shirt (red) in the same way as shown below:

I glad that Yahya liked the T-shirt and I enjoyed doing it for him. Although using this machine was easy, I had some problems as I mentioned, but, it needs some patience. Moreover, I spent more time than required.

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