First assignment


29 Jan 2020

Hello Makers !

It is the first day of my Fab Academy journey “ How to Make (Almost) Anything “.

I like the name of the course, It means there are no limits and we can create (Almost) Anything !

The first lecture began with an introduction of the program by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld, Director of the Fab Academy Program، he is so amazing ! His class made me more excited to be part of Fab Academy.

This week's assignment was to plan and sketch a potential final project.

Final Project Idea

After a few days of brainstorming for an initial idea , I decided to create an educational robot.

I am interested in programming and I believe every child needs to know the basics of coding to excel in our rapidly changing world. Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future.


I named the robot " FABY ". "FAB" from Fab academy and I added "Y" letter to be catchy, especially for kids.

WHAT will it do ?

The robot will help kids learn coding principles and understand the algorithm basics in a fun way.

WHO will use it ?

This project is for kids and It is suitable for ages 3 and up.

Sketch of my final project