Electronics Design

Group  Assignment

Use the test equipment in your lab to observe the operation of a microcontroller circuit board.



Back to Group assessment, we are using the multimeter to test our work and the connection voltage of the pcb.

First of all is the connection, On a breadboard that is not powered, use the probes to poke at two separate ground pins. You should hear a tone indicating that they are connected. Poke the probes from the VCC pin on a microcontroller to VCC on your power supply- just as a test, I am trying to test the pins of the attiny44 to check if it is connected in the right way with the other components of the pcb. It should emit a tone indicating that power is free to flow from the pin of the attiny to the connected part of it in the pcb . If it does not emit a tone, then you can begin to follow the route that copper trace takes and tell if there are breaks in the line, wire, breadboard, or PCB.

Testing the Vcc Power

Next is testing the Vcc power if it is glowing correctly in the pcb, by testing the voltage between any VCC pin and GND pin in the pcb... then testing the signal that is send from attiny44 to the build in led in the pcb, and as you can see, when pressing the pushbutton, the led will light on and by testing the signal, you can see that the multimeter is detecting a 0.61V~ coming from the attiny to power up the led when pressing the push button:

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