Week 17 Mechanical Design, machine design

This week we did design thinking process first, then dicide what kind of machine do we want to for this week.

Group assignment:

  • Design a machine that includes mechanism+actuation+automation.
  • Build the mechanical parts and operate it manually.
  • Document the group project and your individual contribution

Machine Idea:

We did a group brainstorm, we came up with many ideas that can be done as a machine that includes mechanism+actuation+auromation. I want to do some fun and useful machine. So in the end, our group did pazzia cutter machine that can cut pizza automaticly.


First, I draw this machine on paper. I am not that good at Fusion 360 at that moment, so it's easier for me just draw it on paper.

For this machine , I need to make gears for piazza to rotate, also I need to make a holder to hold the pizza cut blade.

Gears: I make gears in Ai. To make it fit the bottom, I need to measure the size of the holes, so I can use screw to make it stable on the frame of the machine.

Holder of the pizza cut blade

This part is diffcult to make, saverio as my team member did it, he measured it , then designed it in AI ,then use lasser cutter to cut it. He made several version of it to make it perfectly fit the blade.

Test of the machine.

We assmeble the frame, gears, blade and then test it severio times.


We use CNC shield to control a CNC router/milling machine from an Arduino board.

We used Gcode PostProcesessor , grbl-servo, and universalGcodeSender for control the step moter of pizza cut machine.

Here is the video of it.

YouTube video of piazza cutter machine.

Download links

  • Gears AI file
  • Blade holder
  • Software and code that control the pizza cutter