Week 13 Invention, intellectual property, and income.

This week I will think about my final project as a real product rather than student's work.I do belive my final project has business value, I just don't know how to actually make it a really product.

Manage IP /invention.

One of my favorite thing about Fab Academy is people work together to create tutorial for each other.

The whole fab academy is a network for peer learning. For example in Fablab O shanghai 2020 fab academy, we have a student who is used to be a programmer, we have a mechanical engineer, we have a high school student , we have a curriculum developer/project manage …… Students have different background and they work together to learn and to create, when we talk about one thing together we really have different perspective and that inspire other people.

Even we have this open source sharing spirit, we still can manage our invention well so we can have a good business model to market it to more people, also have income for further more development.

“Ready fire aim” instead of “Ready aim fire”

You will know more after you fire. Doing homework to build skill, instead of spend long time to planning.Invention is coming from eco-system, fablab is a place for collaboration.


Wrong: Pattern = business = income

  • Utility pattern 20 years, about function
  • Design pattern 15 years, appearance
  • My plan for FP

    My final project is a product, I don’t want to make money from it, but I want to make money from the benefit when students use this product. Their data will be record in the software I made, based on those data, I can have more learning/teaching resource specially for each person/student. So both students and teachers can actually benefit from know the teaching feedback immediately in the class.

    This software connect students/teachers real need to all kinds of learning resources. By record those data, it help students/teachers have the awareness about what they already learned and what they need more practice or learning.

    I want to make my final project open source, students can make their own device and personalize it, but all students can share a same platform and database.

    I can make a software that will receive data from students and show analysis result to teachers and parents. Schools can pay to get the service that storage of those data and giving advice of improving teaching qulity. On my software schools can find related resource that could help in classroom efficiency.

    Students can pay to get learning resource too through my software, those resource will specially recommended by this system based on student’s active data in the class. So students know they should be honest when they use smart paw so they can get better help from teachers, parents, and system after class.

    So I can have copyright for my code of this software, cause sofeware and data on it is the part that I can make money.

    Summary slide of final Porject