Group assignment:

Compare the performance and development workflows for other architectures.

Here is the MSP430

Individual assignment:

read a microcontroller. data sheet program your board to do something.

In this week, I read a little bit of the data sheet of Attiny 212/412(It is so so long 😭!)In this section I figure out some answers about the In-Aystem Peprogrammable Flash Program Memoty . There is 2/4 KB On-Chip for program storage and the Flash is organized as 4K x 16 . For write protection, the Flash Programmemory space can be divided into three sections: Bootloader, Application code and Application data section .

In this procedure I also figure out the difference and the mean between RAM,ROM and SRAM as well as EEPROM.

I had written code in arduino IDE and used the Fab ISP to upload the code to my Hello board that has a chip of Attiny 44. So in the fist read the data sheet of Attiny 44 try to understand the function of each pins.

I also read the data sheet of ATTINY 44 that the CMU of my hello board. Here is the map of pin founction of Attiny44.

According to this map, we can familiar with the pin function of ATTINY 44 and design my board rightly.