Group assignment:

Using the test equipment in your lab to observe the operation of a microcontroller circuit board

In this week, we have learned how to use the oscilloscope to check our circuit.

Here is the Oscilloscope

Individual assignment:

redraw an echo hello-world board, add (at least) a button and LED (with current-limiting resistor) check the design rules, make it, and test it extra credit: simulate its operation.

In this week, I have learned how to use the Eagle to desigh my PCB and use the machine (Roland SRM - 20).

In the procedure of design, I use these softwares below to design my hello board.

In the first step, we open the Eagle / fusion 360 and add the Fab labrary.

In this assignment, we chose ATTINY 44 as the CMU of my board. Here is the map of pin founction of Attiny44.

According to this map, we can familiar with the pin function of ATTINY 44 and design my board rightly.

When you finish the design sketch, you need to switch to board.

There are some design rules that should be taken cake. Now I will elaborate them to you.

1. void the straight conner and 4513may be is better than the straight conner.
2. leave more gaps to each other and void them connect to each other.
3. do not let the line to go through between two pins of micro controller, cause the gap is tinny.

In this mode of board, I need to Arrange all of the component and can use the mode of autorouter and also manual mode to outline the path of circuit.

Then, exportting the sketch, being carefull the DPI and mode of color. In the next step, I sent the file to ps to add my symbol and export two files for fabmordules.

I sent the files to fabmodule to make the trace and cut file out.

I sent the files to fabmodure to make the trace and cut file out.

When I finished the solering, I cut down some pieces of copper using a blade and tweezer, since on the tracing file where showes some lines touching to each other and it will induce shot circuit.

There are some tips for sodering. First, you need to clean the board by alcohol before sobering and clean again after that incase some tinny piece copper connect and get some shot circuit. Also, this procedule can reduce the dirty traces of rosin. Second, chek your board before lamp with high lightness to find if there are some lines touching.

Then I did little bit change about my bourd and made a new one . ▼

Since the cooper can get rust and become black, next time I want to brush nail polish on the surface of my PCB to protech it.

When I finished my board, I connected to my laptop and try to upload the programming throuth the commander.

Now, It is work very well.

Here is the files.

click here to download the tracing files click here to download the cutting files