Set up Personal Website

In this week, I have learned how to use the Gitlab and download a template from html5up.netWowthemes also is a good template website )for my personal website. Meanwhile, In this week's assignments, I gradually became familiar with several development tools, such as Breckets and Brewhome on Mac's terminal. There are my references W3school and Learn-git.

First, I designed the website template and changed the information structure of the website.

Second, I should receive an email from the central coordination with the steps to activate my gitlab account.Than, Go to GitLab FabCloud and use the same email that I used when you registered to the FabAcademy. using that one, to access the temporary password that is the same as your student ID, after these steps you should change it.

Step 1: Setting up the configuration that you will only do once (for this repository).I should generate something calle SSH KEY ==> Run command:ssh-keygen -t rsa -C

Step 2: Getting the SSH Key generated run the command: cat ~/.ssh/ peast the key number to my fabcloud.

Step 3: Run: git init and git clone to clone all the files from my repository( on gitlab ) and start adding information to it from my laptop. What is Git? Git cheat sheet HERE!

My repo like a warehouse for saving all my documents. I cloned all the files to my laptop ( ~/ heng-liu )

Step 4: Try to use all of commands to upload your files on your laptop.

Step 5: Creat a new file of Gitlab-vi.yml and change some information in the file of index.html.

Notes: Using the command--NCDU to check the size of files like images, videos. Since the maximum size that we use to git push is 10M, so we should check the size of my files before updating.

**If you meet things like this. you should git status to check the status.

**Try the command:"git reset --soft HEAD~1" then run "git status" and until the commit status become 1. Next step is to separate the foder that the big one you want to git push and then git push them one by one.