Because of coronavirus pandemic, we don't have access to our labs and as a result of that this week I have done application and implication week’s assignment instant of embedded programming.


since starting the Fab academy I have no clear understanding of what I’m going to do for my final project.
Firstly I was thinking about making automatic feeder for dogs and I have designed it in computer-aided design week.
To be honest the feeder wasn’t the idea that I like and on which I want to make. actually, during the lectures, I have met
two or three similar projects with minimal differences like they were made for cats. The final idea of my project I find in a
computer-controlled cutting week where we needed to make something big. I have a discussion with my instructor what to design and
after I started designing wooden Vespa in its real size. while designing I understood that it can become my final project.
To make it match final project standards it needs something more than being big and wooden. One major point was to make it driveable,
put an engine in it. I chose an electric engine thanks to my instructor for the suggestion to use the engine from the hoverboard.
One of the major pluses is that it is in wheel engine meaning that it is in the wheel and will not take space and I don’t need where I
will put it and how the rotation will go from engine to the wheel. the second problem is the steering which I haven’t solved that problem
yet but I think that the part of it will be made from steel with the use of bicycle parts. batteries for the engine I will take from the

hoverboard engine


Also, the scooter needs have more than an engine and batteries it needs an accelerator, brakes, lighting, and some more design features.
Actually the braking will be done by the engine but maybe bicycle brakes will be put as well. All that will be done in the upcoming weeks.
There will be used some more materials and some of the processes need to be outsourced for example in the final I will need some welding job,
late machining and metalworking CNC milling. I will not put prices of that because all of that will be done free. All that process going
to be documented.

screenshot screenshot

About prices.
I will use three sheets of plywood, one sheet of 16mm plywood costs approximately 10000 Armenian drams which are 20 USD (actually we had that in the lab).
It will be better to buy used hoverboard withs some problems. that will be cheaper than buying parts separately. We will take engines, batteries and maybe some more parts.
That will cost approximately 30 USD

The final version of my wooden Vespa was drowned in scale 1:1 and will be made as a full replica. I think some details will be added and changed,
also I’m going to buy the normal wheels from the shop rather than make it from wood. And the steering system will contain some steel construction as well.
The most used tool in this project was extrusion, then press and pull. In the drawing, I had only one parameter that is the thickness of the material.



The information will be updated.