Week #1


This is the first assignment that I'm doing during my Fab academy course. This week is named principles and
practices, project management which means that I'm going to build a personal website and push it into the class archive,
describing my final project. So lets start.

About Git.

First of all, I have installed git lab for Ubuntu. That was not as easy as I thought.
The process was full of errors. It took from me approximately 3 hours of tries. One of the
reasons was the different lines in the tutorial which were not letting terminal understand
the commands right.
I used this tutorial

About personal website

The next thing to do was creating a personal web site. That was a challenge for me. I have
tried myself in programming a few years ago and gave it up because It seems to be uninteresting
and boring to me. But the day has come and I have to make a personal web site. Before I have only
heard about HTML and CSS and I knew that they are related and being used in web development.
That’s all I knew before today.
Firstly I download code editor. I chose a Visual studio code from here. Luckily I like that editor because
of its user-friendliness and simplicity in use.
The second thing I did; I started reading and watching tutorials about HTML and CSS. When I got the point
and start understanding the structure of the code, I started making some simple sites.
The third step was to download a template. I choose that way because of the short time I had. The chosen
template was downloaded from html5up.net.
The fourth step was making changes and personalizing the template. I was commenting that parts that
I don’t need (don’t know why I simply not delete them).
I create a weeks menu, add a photo, write about the final project idea add some sketches.

here are some usefull commands

1. <a href="For links"></a>
2. <span class="For putting photoes"><img src="" alt="" /></span>


  1. The comented parts of main page

  2. Use serch for replacing the same parts on all pages

  3. Add selectors to images

  4. Add stiles for selectors



The most difficult part for me was setting up the Git. If you have to do that please read the tutorial it makes life easier.
The HTML is pretty easy in use and there are tutorials about every aspect of it.