Final project



While doing machine controlled cutting week’s assignment the idea of making something big become the idea of my
final project. I’m going to make the wooden vespa. the project is discribed in the machine control cutting week.

After week 7 assignment I had the most parts of the Vespa.

screenshot screenshot

I took wheels and some other parts from old bicycle because of short time.
To make the wooden Vespa move, first of all, I need an engine. We decided to put an electric motor, as I mentioned in the application and
implication week’s page I wanted to take an engine from the hoverboard because it’s compact and powerful but because of some reasons, I
decided to take an engine starter form real car. It is dc motor. I had several reasons.

  • I had one.
  • it is powerful
  • it is compact
  • easy to use
  • screenshotscreenshot


    After the motor choice, we need to control it. As a controller, we take a big 12 volt PWM controller which can handle 3000 wat power and 50 Amp current.

    power transmission

    The next step was the power transmission which is going to be the chain drive. That kind of dc motor is working with high rpm which is not good for me so I need to put small sprocket gear on the dc motor and bigger one on the wheel. unfortunately, we can’t do metalwork at our lab so I had to outsource that. Fortunately, I’m working In such kind of place where I could solve that problem.


    So the first thing that I need to put the small gear on the motor for that I need this part. this was done on manual late (turning machine). After machining, we fix it by welding.

    screenshotscreenshotscreenshot screenshotscreenshotscreenshot

    The second step was to put the bigger gear on the wheel. this was easier because the only thing we did was make the hole of the sprocket bigger, from 20 mm to 34 mm. that operation was done on late as well. it was difficult because the sprocket is thin and made from strong steel but we did it. After it was welded to the shaft of the wheel.


    The third step was fixing the motor. Overall we got strong construction that can be used.

    screenshot screenshot


    Also, I need some lighting on the bike so I designed and printed a headlight with classic styling.

    It has a simple design and looks pretty nice. The light will be automatically controlled with the LDR sensor and board which I design with the help of Azniv Hovhannisyan. the LED light is working from 9v battery. the battery and board are hidden inside of hed light so it is fully autonomous and can be used not only on the bike.

    screenshot screenshot


    All work started from the sketch, and all the other components were done by revolving operation

    screenshot screenshotscreenshot

    after i put that files to print.

    screenshot screenshot

    inside it has a storege for board and battery