Final project Autonomous feeder

There are a lot of dog feeders in the market but all of them are for local use, existing feeders are
made for one pet ad can be used only at house or apartments. This product will be something new for
the market it will be created for public use. What I mean by saying public us; this product will
be placed in public places or in the surroundings of them, for example, it can be used in parks,
Touristic places or can be used to keep dogs away from such kind of places or at least make them
Unaggressive and kind to people. The feeder will be a tool for local governments. They can use it
to make citizens’ and guests’ life safer, make the city cleaner, and concentrate dogs’ locations.
With all of that said I would like to mention that this product is firstly made for dogs to make
their life easier and safer.


How it’s gonna work.

The feeder will be something big for feeding at list three dos at ones. There are a few options one
of them is to make boxy design and the second are to make it cylindric. Inside of it will be a reservoir
for the mill with excites for each plate, each exit will have a valve which will open and close and accept
a needed amount of mill.
As now in each city governments make dogs clean, sterile and matched by a chip or if there is no chip it can
be done easily. the chip will contain information about the dog; how much mill dog needs not to stay hungry.
The autonomous feeder will know-how often to feed a dog. The parameters could be an adjusted whit control panel.
The feeder will be an autonomous complex that’s why it has solar panels. It has to work without electricity It
will be maximal autonomous and ecologically clean.
Sizes; hight=90 cm / widht=50 cm / lenght= 120cm


here is the render of feeder from CAD week.


Final project idea number two

while doing machine controlled cutting week’s assignment the idea of making something big become the idea of my
final project. I’m going to make the wooden vespa. the project is discribed in the machine control cutting week.