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This page presents the assignments for week 18 of Fab Academy 2020: “Project Development”.

To do list:


Week 18 "hero shot":

Figure 0: Final project poster

Table of Contents

Individual assignment

What tasks have been completed?




Final Project poster

Final project video

What tasks remain?

As explain in the video my long term goal is to use a Fab lab made fleet of drones for conservation missions.

To fullfil this goal I need to do the following tasks:
  1. Make a flying drone: design a lighter drone with 3D printed parts mesh covered by termo film
  2. Make flights tests for one drone with a pilot
  3. Make automated flights tests for one drone
  4. Make flights tests for two drones communicating, with two pilots
  5. Make automated flights tests for two drones
  6. Make automated flights tests for a fleet of drones
Note: this steps are for several years.

What's working?

What's not?

What questions need to be resolved?

Basically the ones that correspond to the "not working side" of the project: Here are some solutions I adopt for the second version of the drone:

What will happen when the fleet of drones is operationnal?

Civil applications

A lot of civil applications could use a fleet of drones for safer, faster and reliable missions:

Search and rescue (terrestrial)

Search and rescue (maritime)

Patrolling marine protected area

Patrolling National Parks

Iceberg monitoring

Wildfire monitoring

Wildlife monitoring

Anti poaching

Simulation of a Patrolling marine protected area mission

Simulation of a fleet of 4 drones, equiped with camera, cooperatively patroling a marine protected area.

Matlab simulation of 4 drones cooperatively patrolling a marine protected area (accelerated video)
For more information on the search and tracking of mobile targets using a fleet of cooperative drones check the PhD study page "Pubications" section.

What have you learned?

Quite a lot for 6 months and with a world pandemic...


Open source
Commercial (needed to use some of the Digiscope machines)



Well all the weeks!:


In a nutshell: