In this week I'll discuss the future possibilities for my final project and outline my License. As well, I'll provide the first version of my project poster and video clip ideas.

Assignment content:

14.1. Dissemination plan:

14.1.1. Intellectual property.

Creating a license for my project is important becasue all my project files will be uploaded on gitlab and can be accessed and used by anybody. It doesn't mean that other people can't use it, but it means they can't use it without my copyright permissions. For my final project license, I chose "Creative Common License". There are several types of licenses provided by Creative Common. However, I chose the Attribution-NonCommercial license because I'll create my project to help patients tracking their knee functionality after knee replacement surgery with no commerciall goals.

Attribution-NonCommercial “CC BY-NC”:

This license lets others remix, adapt, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don’t have to license their derivative works on the same terms.

To create my Creative Common License, I entered this page and set the following settings: licesnse1 license2

Creative Commons Licence
TECHNO CARE by Maryam Ali is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

14.1.2. Future possibilities.

My device can be a good alternative for goniometer that used for measuring joint range of motion in physiotherapy. For the future, I will set a plan to expand the device funcionality by adding rehabilitation features to it. In addition, the device can be re-produced in different sizes to be used for fingers or arm movement assessements as well. To benefit the local and global community, I am thinkning of including a wi-fi module to the device in order to send user's assessment results to a public shared channel that can be referred by researchers to get reliable statistics about range of motion after surgeries.

14.2. Presentation:

14.2.1. Poster.

First version of the poster: sketch

The final version of the poster will include fab academy and fab lab Bahrain logos, my name, project title: TECHNO CARE, product slogan: Track your progress, anytime, anywhere! .... or .... The future of physical therapist. The poster will be designed as a "Product concept design" that explains how the product is working and state its features.

14.2.2. Video clip.

I have three ideas for the video clip:

  • Animated video that tells the story of a man who performed a knee replacement sugery and he can't go for physiotherpy during quarantine time. Therefore, our product is the best solution for him. His docotor recommended him to use it and monitor his progress from home.

  • Another animated story could be about the famous old cartoon "Popeye". He got injured when he was fighting with Bluto who want to kidnap Olive Oyl. Later, he did a knee replacment surgery. He felt pain after sugery and can't move as before. So, as usuall he ate spinach, but it was not making him strong enough to get Olive Oyl back again from Bluto. So He buy our product and keep doing reahbilitaion excersies and monitoring his range of movement progress from home. He recovered after three months and ends up defeating Bluto as usual.

  • Another video should explain how was the product developed, what sensors and components are used, and pictures of the final product.

video clip:

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