About me

Me as lego figure

Hi I am Joey van der Bie, and I like to make stuff. I am a researcher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where I work with Internet of Things technology and research assistive technology IoT for people with a visual impairment. My current research project EyeBeacons is about an assistive navigation (smartphone/watch)app for people with a visual impairment. Find more about it on our project website via this url The Eybeacons smartphone and smartwatch app used in the city of Amsterdam

Why FabAcademy?

The FabAcademy course is a great opportunity for me to forther extend my knowledge on physical fabrication of Internet of Things technology. The past years I have been developing all kind of IoT-technology with my students, but unfortunately I haven’t got the time to touch maker tools als 3D-printers, lasercutters and PCB-routers myself. Now I can! Further the course is great opportunity for me to create an accessible wearable (smartwatch) for people with a visual impairement to communicate with Internet of Things devices. Most of the course activiteites are needed to create this device, allowing me to go to through multiple itterations of different prototypes (from paper prototype to programmable prototype to final proof-of-concept prototype).

Installing fitness activity sensors on the Johan Cruyf Court in Amsterdam with my students Demonstration of the smart doorbell system

FabAcademy Agreement

I signed the student agreement of the FabAcademy

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