Development Details

For the CAD development, I decided to use Autodesk Fusion 360 for many reasons. The first one is that it works very much like a repository with good versions control, but even better, it is collaborative, which mean that if in any moment, I need to work with somebody else, I can share the project to him and start to work both on the same sketch or project. But none less, the other reason is that I had already work in the past with fusion and had a great experience in part thanks to the many tools that give you the opportunity to export files in a format that can be read by a shopbot for example.

Making my Brand Logo

To make my brand new logo, I decided to use Affinity Designer. To make my logo I basically only use one thing, circle that I started to copy on the same point and make them turn on their same axis to make an atom. After that I made three other circles that I modified to made them look like a Zeppelin. Finally, I made the cabin which is basically a scare with rounded corners which I modify to make disappear the upper part in the zeppelin.
Download Longboard Brand Logo afdesign File
Download Longboard Up Logo afdesign File

Affinity Designer Atom creation

To create the atom, you first have to use the ellipse tool. Once you gave to the ellipse the shape that you want, you have to copy and paste it, obviously it will be on the first ellipse. Once you have done that, you press shift and you use the tool rotate and it will move in the same axis, 15 degrees at the time. In my case, I am putting an ellipse each 45 degrees to obtain the atom.

Creating the 2D sketch for my Longboard

This step, is most the time, the first one, but in my case, because my longboard has such a strange shape, this shape could be considered as 2 and a half step because it is not yet in 3D but has already been made with the help of a 3D shape. For this step, the tool that I have used the most is fillet that we can find in the sketch menu of fusion. The other two tools that I have used a lot is the rectangle and the circle, as well as dimension to fix the sketch and make the quotas.

Modeling the Shape

Because the shape of the Longboard is a bit curvy to the top but at the same time curvy to the inside, it has been very hard to mold the shape of the 3D CAD. To mold it, I basically created a curvy rectangle with a semi-circle that passes through, made with the rotation tool to create the curvy shape of the longboard.


Once I did that, I had to now make the basic shape of the longboard with all its angles and the kind of semi-circle in each extremity. For the curvy angle, it has been quite easy, because in fusion there is a tool call fillet which is quite easy to use because you define the curvy with a radius. Finally, Once I did that, I just extrude the shape to gives it the 3D aspect, makes the borders of the longboard curvy with the Fillet tool But this time choose from the Modify Menu of Fusion.
Download Longboard f3d File

First Step - TinkerCad

To test other softwares, I decided to make something simple as a cube with a sphere cut inside. To make that, you have to first create your two object and with the help of the ruler, give them the size you want and the distance between you abject and the borders of your work area.

Second Step - TinkerCad

One you have both shapes, you have to select the sphere and press H to make it empty and easier to work with (it is not necesary).

Third Step - TinkerCad

Finally, you put your sphere inside the cube, and with the hotkey ctr+g selecting the cube and the sphere inside, you will cut the sphere inside the cube obtaining the cube with holes in each sides. Here you can download the STL of the Model made in TinkerCad. It could be easier for someone that do 3D design for the first time to use Tinkercad but for me, it has been extremely complicated to understand it and my instructor had to explain how it works. So yes, I recommend Fusion360.

3D Representation

This is the first sample in CAD of my Electric Longboard.

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