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During the first week, I decided to build an electric Longboard that works with Force Sensitive Resistors and a couple of Brushless motors. The reason why I decided to do that is that I commonly see people with longboards controlled with remote control and not with FSR and when I asked them why, the answer is always the same, THE PRICE! My objective is to make one on them that cost less than 250$ which is approximately half the price of the market.

For the moment I am still unsure, trying to choose which traction system I will use. The two more popular is the one with belts and the other one is a bit more complex but looks better which is with the motor inside the wheel.

I would like to use composite materials as Fiber Glass to make the structure of the longboard, with internal halls to make the cable Invisibles and reduce the amount of material used to cover the electronics. Thank that I hope to reduce the weight of the longboard to be able to use smaller motors.

As part of my electronics, I will build my own 60A brushless drivers and connect them to my own circuit board to control the speed, thanks to the FSR. As well as being able to switch on, switch off the board, change the sensitivity and see the battery charge.

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