Applications and Implications
My final project will be a drivable electric gokart. Powered by two brusheless motors it will be very powerfull and fast. It will feature a wooden frame which will be strenghten by carbon.
Who's done what beforehand?
Electric gokarts become more and more popular in this time. Specially when the climate change gets more important, we should look after alternative ways to get rid of environmental pollution.
I was thinking of the K1Speed cartcenter in oregon, which only has electric carts in use. Also I saw different people in the internet building electric gokarts, I think the most insane one is this here: Crazy Gokart
What will you design?
I will the design the whole cart from the frame to the wheels. Of course I will first have to do some testing with different materials to get a stable frame which is also not heavy.
What materials and components will be used?
Brusheless motors

Where will come from

Everything we can produce on our own, we will produce. Parts like the motors and battery will be ordered.

How much will they cost

Motors and controllers: 120€
Wood and carbonfiber: 150€
Battery: 150€
Belt and gears: 50€
Wheels: not sure yet

So the costs will be round about 500-600€

What parts and systems will be made?

We will produce everything we are able tp produce in the fablab. The frame for example, but we will also try to cast tires for the kart.

What processes will be used?

Molding and csting will be a big topic in our project because we would like to cover the whole frame in carbonfiber and also cast tires. The steering system in our cart is also not mechanically but technically using a potentiometer, so we will have to programm a lot to get the right ratio of the right and left wheel. We will have to mill the frame and maybe the the housing of the cart.

What questions need to be answered?

How much power does the cart need?
Is wood and carbonfiber strenght enough for a frame?

How will it be evaluated?

I think we have enough people in the fablab which created vehicles, so the cart will be evaluated from the people of our fablab.