Principles and Practices

My plan is to build an arcade machine, using a raspberry pi. I will design it according to my mind and will produce nearly everything on my own. The unique point of my idea is that I will also produce remote controllers so that 2 people can play remotely. Also I am planning to write my own emulator for the raspberry.

Another idea of mine was a electric longboard which detects wether you are leaning forward and starts to drive. I imagined that some weight sensors on the front axis could detect wether the person on the longboard is putting his weight on his front foot or his back foot.

After thinking a bit about my final project, I came to the conclusion that I would like to change my idea to something more special.

Final project

The idea is to build an electric gokart completely out of wood. It is not meant to be a serious vehicle to drive on the streets, but more of a fun vehicle for private areas. The size of the gokart will be like in standard gokart size, which means 1,40m x 1,10m. SO everyone will be able to drive the kart, to make the pedals reachable for every size I will make the seat moving to adjust the distance to the pedals and steering wheel. The special things about my kart are that the frame is build completely out of wood and yuta textile. I will coat the woodenframe with yuta using epoxy resin to make it very stable. To give the frame extra strenght I have designed a woodpipe system which I can mill using the cnc machine. The second special thing is that it will drive completely electronic using two brushless motors on the front wheels. Also the steering won't be mechanical, but electronic using a potentiometer to regulate the speed of the two brushless motors. The kart is dedicated to everyone interested in driving crazy things with alternative drives.