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W14 - Networking and Communications

Probe Board gets RF433 TX

In this week I developed an RF capability on an iteration of my Probe Board following this example: ATtiny85 RF Transmitter & Receiver - YouTube
The final Goal was to set up wireless communication between Moisture Sensor (Input Device) and MainBoard ESP8266 based.

Some tests playing around with the VirtualWire Library, for very cheap wireless communication. I couldn't get any solid example besides the video, which was undocumented

In the end, we got some results from the code tests, but nothing consistent.

The best results were achieved with the Manchester Library, available here:

Final Result:

How does it work?

The Code:

I tested the board with a very simple code. The main purpose was to send an integral. The main goal is to get both RF433 and Input Devices toghether.

Here is the TX module code:

#define TX_PIN 2  //pin where your
transmitter is connected
uint16_t transmit_data = 201;

void setup() {
 man.setupTransmit(TX_PIN, MAN_1200);

void loop() {
Here is the Arduino RX code:

#define RX_PIN 7

void setup() {
 man.setupReceive(RX_PIN, MAN_1200);

void loop() {
 if (man.receiveComplete()) {
   int16_t m = man.getMessage();
    man.beginReceive(); //start listening for next
 message right after you retrieve the message


Also a very nice example featuring the communication between two attiny mcu’s at:

Deep RF Explanation: Insight Into How 433MHz RF Tx-Rx Modules Work & Interface with Arduino

433 MHz RF Links Theory, Circuit and Program: 4 Steps

RF Transmitter and Receiver Circuit Diagram