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Machine Design 2019 from António on Vimeo.

This page serves the purpose to show the work done by the students for the Mechanical & Machine Design.

Project idea

  • 3D Scanner System

Examples from Openscan:

3D Scanner V1

3D Scanner V2

Examples of the eletronics for the scanner:

Ciclop 3D Scanner Nano Shield


The Colaboration

The work was divided by the three students (António, André and Mónica) and mainly had help by our FabGuro, Luís Carvão.

The Design - Design and fabricated by André;

The Hardware - A new iteration of Gerbalino, that was developed and fabricated by António;

The Software - Developed by Mónica.

The main idea was to fabricate a 3D scanner based on those projects uptop, considering both the conclusion was that the one with the big circle would wobble a lot and so we redirected to the other example and with that in mind André developed the model in Fusion 360 so that it could be manufacture on our CNC (X-carve).

3D Scanner Model on Fusion 360

Assembly of the 3D Scanner Model

After all put together here is a photo of the machine comparing with the design:

Comparison of the 3D Scanner Model with its design

In terms of the electronics the best solution found was to start from an existing board (Gerbalino) and adapte it to the needs of the 3D Scanner.

This job was done by António, started out on Eagle, redoing the schematic and then adapting the components position accordingly. After wish the PCB was fabricated on our small CNC (Carvey) resulting in the image following.

Comparison of the 3D Scanner Model with its design

The software was done by Mónica, for its basis the idea is to have a plate rotating 360º and an arm that swivels 90º in total. At the same time a RaspberryPi will be taking pictures as the rotation occurs.

Software development