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Networking and Communication

So the objective of this week is to get introduced to creating a network between various processors. . There are many types of networking procedures that could be used to communicate between various microcontrollers, in order to widen the cpabilities of a certain system. Among those networking methods are: Serial Communication which is mainly communicating data using the serial connection between microcontrollers. I2C which mainly using the SDA and SCL pins to communicate between microcontrollers. SPI which uses the MISO and MOSI pins (ISP pinouts) to communicate between microcontrollers. In this section, we will learn on how to connect two or more microcontroller boards, using different networking methods to communicte data between them.

Group Assinment
The group assginment was to Send a message between two projects.

What is Networking and Communication? Data communications refers to the transmission of this digital data between two or more computers and a computer network or data network is a telecommunications network that allows computers to exchange data.

Send a message between two projects

The group assignment is to measure the power consumption of an output device:
We decided to measure the current and power consumption of one of the stepper motors that we used in the Machine Design week.
To do that we used a "Fluke" Amperemeter. As you can mention the current value is 561 mA, knowing that the we are using a battery of 12v.


Power = Tension x Current.
P (W)= 12 (V) x 0.561 (A)
P = 6.732 Watts