Output Devices

Group Assignment

Class Week 11

This week's task was to:

  • add an output device to a microcontroller board you’ve designed, and program it to do something.
  • demonstrate workflows used in circuit board design and fabrication.
  • Implement and interpret programming protocols.
  • Individual Assignment

    So for this week assignment I had to connect an output device to my latest microcontroller board and program it to do something.

    For my final project I have chosen already different sensors and a vacuum waterpump. The data transmitted by the output devices, should be sent by a bluetooth device to the mobile telefone. Here I had to use, same as here, a Voltage Regulater to convert the 5V, outgoing from the FabKitDA, to 3.3V, which is needed to run the Bluetooth device.

    Then I also had to regulate the power supply of the vacuum water pump, which had to be regulated from 12V to 5V. For these circuits please see the assignmant of Week 18 - Project Development.

    Components of the Circuit

    Bluetooth Module - SH-HC-08 CC2541 Bluetooth 4.0

    For more Information (click here).

    FabKitDA and FabISP

    Voltage Regulator

    Even though the LEDs were blinking correctly, this circuit wasn't good: The power supply with 5V voltage was to high and should have been 3,3V. The mistake was not to consider that the FabKit only supplies 5V.

    Mobile Telefone

    To get the mobile connected via Bluetooth I downloaded the application Light Blue to my Iphone.

    Connecting and Programming Process

    Before connecting the circuit, I had to program the FabkitDA PCB with my FabISP, as shown in this documentation:

    Connecting my Iphone with the Bluetooth Module both boards were blinking.

    Then I tried to connect the bluetooth board without using the FabISP. The RXD- and TXD-pins were connected to the pins MOSI and D10/SS, and the power supply would come from FTDI connection.

    At least I could send my hello world in form of ola to my mobile telefone.

    Download Files: