Out put devices

What is an output devices?

An output device is any peripheral that receives data from a computer, usually for display, projection, or physical reproduction.

Stepper motor

For output devices, I am using a stepper motor which I will also be using in my final project.

Since I didn’t have all the components to make the motor driver I went with a ready to use easy stepper motor driver.

The idea

I referred to lots of tutorials , but it seems like its hard to get the stepper motor to go to certain steps when the switch A was pushed and make it come back again after getting to some other steps when switch B was pushed and I had four switch and I was having trouble getting the required help so I came with the idea of using two button and making it stepper motor rotate either clock or anti clock direction when either of the switch is pushed. This idea came from seeing a picture of PAC MAN arcade gaming consoles. So, now the whole project’s idea was improvised by this arcade theme. So I redesigned my board along with the new two switch interface. The main reason to redesign is to add pads to solder header pins so that it will be easy to interface later with other components.

Schematic design

Board design





I am using the same code that I used during the arduino prototype. I am using four pins , MS1 , MS2 , Dir and Step and specifying them to rotate anti-clock wise when I press push button 1 and the reverse direction when I press switch 2. After referring lot of sources, and small changes this code worked as I wanted. 'DOWNLOAD CODE HERE'


Now the code is uploaded and the after pressing the button and making the stepper motor move was a very touching moment and I spent few minutes playing with the switch. Check out the video below.