Task List

-Make your personal website and describe how you did it
-Document the steps for uploading files to archive
-push to the class archive

PROJECT MANAGEMENT ( website building and pushing)

This is record of the first week of fab academy. This week we made websites. Since I had basic knowledge of html , I made my website using html. I was offered help by my friends and mentors to complete the work. I built my web site based upon a free template from W3 school. It took some time getting use to with it but eventually it worked out.
Few new additions to my website apart from all the planned weeks is a page called "New skills I learned ", where i am planning to update the improvement of my skillset and new skills that I figured out during the course to help myself understand my own progress

Browsing for template

Though there are many site that offers a lots of attractive free template I personally prefer w3 school. This is the link to the place where i got this template "click here." There are verity of selection available for different purpose.

Templates from w3 school

The templates from w3 school are really beautiful and its free. Instead of downloading the template I copied the code and made my own html and css file. I initially used the online CSS file on w3 school but later found that having css file is much convenient.

Editing and designing

Editing was one of the most fun experience. I had some hard time reading the code initially but after some time playing around I had it figured out. Atom is the editor of my choice, the interactive color and simplicity it had is ideal for me.


This was one of the most interesting moment. When the website was tried out for the first time there was a sense of fulfillment and it kept me going. I prefer simplicity over many other things and the website was just speaking that and that was up to my expectations. Many things had to be adjusted but it was awesome to find out whats wrong and to fix it.


What is GIT

Git is a version control system for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. It is primarily used for source-code management in software development, but it can be used to keep track of changes in any set of files. As a distributed revision-control system, it is aimed at speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows. We will be using it to update and post our work files of the website as a repositories here.

Computer Setup

I am using git bash as a linux sub system on my windows opersting system though i have linux already in it as most of the software I used operates on windows. I downloaded git for windows and the installation setup is pretty much kept as the default as i was a beginner.

I have installed git bash to use the command of git from windows directly by downloading 'here'. The git bash GUI looks like this.

After getting my computer ready

I followed the tutorial from the fab academy website, which is linked 'HERE'. My frineds and mentors helped me in varous steps of the process from this tutorial for which I am really grateful.


Making the website was an interesting work and now it time to publish the website in the GIT hub.The account for gitlab was already created for the students to use, all I did is add a new password and got access to my account. The password setting only worked after several times of trying, what the issues was is still a question but it worked after few time of trying the same process of changing the password again and again. The process Fiore explained was bit hard to understand as I was new to GIT hub. I tried some on-line resources and with help from my friends, it took some time to have it figured out and after so many tries I could finally complete it successfully.

Git Push

The first thing I did is i turned my windows into developer mode and downloaded git. It took some time to download due to Internet speed. And i had to reboot my computer frequently due to INTERNET connectivity issues. After finishing of the download, User name and password was set up for ubuntu. I opened Bash in power shell and added some some code which i referred from some tutorial documents. Adding the ssh key was an easy job but when pushing th website, it wasn't accepting it , after trying so many times than me and my friend, we figured it was the firewall that caused the issue. This week was over with completion of website.

Issues faced and how I solved it

Linking other site

I had an issue with linking a website from where i got my free templates. I used 'href' command to link under 'click here.' screenshots
After exploring what was wrong for hours, the problem i had was i forgot to include an equal symbol between 'href' and the link address.
After adding the missing symbol, I could finally go to the link address from the 'click here' button.

This simple detail had left be scratching my head for a while, and i learned that details are really important in coding.

image identification from the content

The next issue was identifying image from the content when I was adding screenshots as the screenshots and the web content looked same.
So I added a border to the image through GIMP and than it confusion was cleared. Making sure the reader understand the message I was trying to convy was very important.