Happiness is made!


Ugyen Tshering

FAB Academy student at Vigyan Ashram


I like to learn by doing things by myself rather than just reading whats in the manual so called the text books. I enjoy building things because I feel like I'm given this world stage to fully express myself which makes me feel like I am in control of what is happening around and I'm freed of all the concerns and stress that normally bothers me. Moreover what i want is not always available in market so building things is also like a self expression to me which is why i feel safe in FAB lab as every tool required is available for anyone who requires it.

Fab lab, awesome books, philosophical talks, Star gazing, Deep space, Science and Technology, Social Services, All the People around the world, Nature and animals, Poetry, Art and Crafts,Music and life is what i dearly love. And though life is a really complicated question I want to play my own role in building a bit of answer to those who may find use of it. (cringy :.)


MY FINAL PROJECT 2022, Bhutan Fab Lab


Auto Curtains