Wheek 20: Proyect Development.

This week I worked on the integration of my final project. I assembled all the parts, put in place all the components for the system, and documented the process.

What is the deadline ? How much time do I have left ?

The deadline is Monday June 18th 2018. I still have about a week.

What tasks have been completed and what tasks remain?

I already assembled the parts of the machine and together the system worked fine. The code is done but one piston burnt and I still need to finish the feeder.

What has worked?

The extruder, the spinner worked fine with the code. The feeder worked partially because of the piston. But the whole machine assembled worked well with all parts together. It managed to make juice just fine.

What hasnĀ“t ?

The problem with my board was the uploading of the code. I think because the board fell down to floor when I assembled the machine. Before that happened it was working quiet well. I also designed again the new feeder with new 3D printer, for the electronics, I need to make a new board.

What question still need to be resolved?

Now the machine works fine, but I tried the correct PWM feed with the motor of the spinner. I think the motor is not the right one for this work. I suppose the DC motor is to light for this application.

What have I learned ?

I learned about PWM in the pass assignment and was very useful in the performing of the integration.


Video : Lemon squeezer machine
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Video : machine
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Video :squeezeer
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Video :spinner
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