Wheek 19:

Invention, Intellectual Property and Income

Intellectual Property

Lemon squeezing machine.
Since I intend to make my project accesible so the people will be able to use it, modify it and upgrade for optimal funtioning, I aim for an Open Source licence OSI-approved licenses are popular, widely used, and have strong communities. The following are the most popular ones.

The documentation can be found here:
To see all open source licenses by category available follow the following link:

Among all these options for Open Source licence, the MIT licence fits my project the best as it’s a simple, permissive with conditions requiring only preservation of copyright and licence notices. It is said that any modifications or profit interests are allowed under different terms without the source code. Always crediting the author of the job.
I also analyzed the Patent systems. It is a very good way to protect someone’s project if the person intends to start a business involving that product/technology and hopes obtaining revenue from it. It negates the possibility of someone’s having economic renevue out of the work of the person who patented it in that country.
It is also a good way for technology dissemination as it publishers the technology used allowing people to use the specifications for investigation and for improvement. It doesn’t fit my project that well because my main objective is to allow more small business to use this technology for their profit. It will improve their quality of products and will benefit the society with more capacity and quality of the products from these small business. It will allow them to grow their capacity of attending the demand. The best way for it is to make it free. With only recognition of the author/inventor.


The idea for this proyect it’s that any person with a local fablab can manufacture this machine (as it is made out of fab materials). The local juice makers will have enormous advantage with this machine and will allow them to raise their capacity of attending the demand odf the people.