Wheek 15: Mechanical Design.

This week we made a CNC machine with the other members of FabLab UTEC, Nicolas and Carlos. We needed to learn about this type of machine, then design one axis each, in my case, I designed the Z- Axis. This machine has two different actuators on this axis. The laser which engraves the material and one mill to cut the material. The facility and simplicity of the actuator interchange is the advantage for this machine. The actuator is coupled using a dovetail union. The axis on the motor has two ball bearings for added stability. The rail has four ball bearings for stability too.

Fig 1. The Z-Axis with laser engraver.

The dovetail allows to change from laser to mill. The other piece has four ball bearings for stability. This pieces were made with ABS in a 3D printer.

Fig 2. The universal support for the CNC machine..

Fig 3. The laser engraver, Wavelength 405 nm with output power 500 nW mounted on dovetail. The versatility on this CNC machine consists of the actuator change. One machine, two different applications.

Fig 4. Dovetail support the mill end for the CNC machine.

Fig 5. The mill end mount on dovetail for the CNC machine.
The two rail on stainless steel need to be bolted to a frame. This axis need four flanges to be stable on this system.

Fig 6. Flange to support the rails on the CNC machine.
The ball bearing is the most import piece for this machine. We needed two for both ends of the axis of step by step motor.

Fig 7. Ball bearings to support the motor axis on the CNC machine. The frame was made on 19 mm thick Plywood, this piece supports all of the elements on the Z - axis..

Fig 8. The frame supports the motor axis on the CNC machine.

Fig 9. Axis Y on the CNC machine.

Fig 10. Axis XY on the CNC machine.

Fig 9. Axis X Y Z on the CNC machine.

  • Download files here:
    Body axis Z
    Click laser
    Click Milling
    bridge Top axis Z