principles & practices

jan 17 - jan 25
● The goal for this introductory week was to plan and sketch a potential idea for my final project which will be developed using all the skills I learn in the coming weeks.

● My responsibility was to communicate my project concept to my instructor and discuss how it would help me express the skills.

● My instructor explained me to consider all the essential parameters involved in the process before finalizing the final project.

getting started

screenshots / images / notes

● My vision is to create cymatic project setup to understand the vibrations of sound, how it represents itself in the form of matter such as liquid & solid in order to witness the wave phenomena.

● As you can see the attached images, I wished to assemble a kit which performs the cymatic experiment using the following components,
Sound Source - Amplifier/ Hertz Generator
Speaker for output - Sound Vibrations
Metal Plate - Chadni
Magnetic connector - Plate and Speaker
Sand or Ferrous Liquid - Matter
Light source
Video Camera/Recorder

The below image showcases a clear understanding of the cymatic setup which can be assembled to perform the same experiment, my goal is to produce the maximum number of components in the lab and assemble the same.

The below image is from the cymatics video, and the experiment looks exactly same compared to it. It really inspired me to work with sound and vibrations and I am also very keen to see how it actually turns out to be.

my personal progress

● My priority is to learn each and every skill during the progressive weeks and implement the same on my final project concept.

● I wish to consider all the essential parameters involved in terms of assembling the experiment and get a clear picture of the same.

● Personally this week resulted in a lot of progress in terms of getting to know what are the aspects of the project which can be created in the lab and what materials are to be procured from the market.