Week Eighteen : Applications and Implications


Answer a few questions and give a brief idea on project and that integrates the range of units covered

My idea on project is "De-Humidifier for ABS and PLA materials"

It includes

Shopbot - For external box design
3D Printer - For design to keep my MotherBoard
Laser Cutter - For designing bucket shaped to store moisture content and other hinges
Milling - To design MotherBoard
Vinyl - To design LOGO

What will it do?

It is used to prevent humidity for PLA and ABS materials so it can extrude without any irregularities.

Who's done what beforehand?

Dehumidifer is available, but i hope no one has done it for this purpose.

What will you design?

I have designed the 2D which will contain the PLA & ABS material.

Need to design a compartment for holding the MotherBoard

What materials and components will be used?

Thermoelectric Cooling Peltier Plate Module

Controller Board with ATTINY 44

Relay Switch

Voltage regulators - 7805 & 7812

External Power Supply

DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor

Heat Sink

Heat Sink Paste

Compressor Fan

LED Display

Plywood 4x4 feet

Acrylic 2x1 feet



Glue Gun


Where will come from?

Most components like Microcontroller, External Power Supply, DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor, LED Display, Plywood 4x4 feet, Acrylic 2x1 feet, Glue Gun are available in FABLAB TRIVANDRUM

Components like Relay Switch, Voltage regulators - 7805 & 7812, Heat Sink, Heat Sink Paste, Compressor Fan are purchased from Local Electronic Shop

Thermoelectric Cooling Peltier Plate Module was purchased Online

How much will they cost?

The total cost for my project will be less than $45 (<2700INR)

What parts and systems will be made?

2D design to contain PLA & ABS


3D printed bucket to store moisture content from Thermoelectric Cooling Peltier Plate Module

Door for the 2D box type structure

3D printed door handle

What processes will be used?

Shopbot - For external 2D design

3D Printer(Ultimaker2) - For designing bucket shaped to store moisture content

Laser Cutter(Trotec Speedy 100) - To design door using Acrylic

Milling(Roland MDX 20) - To design MotherBoard

Vinyl Cutter(Roland GX-24) - To design LOGO

Embedded Programming

2D / 3D designing using NX9 and Fusion360

What questions need to be answered?

I have got a 2D model but Still figuring a good 2D design for my project.

How will it be evaluated?

It can be evaluated based on the way it looks, the processes implemented while making it and finally the functionality of the end product