Week One : Principles and Practices

Ubuntu Installation

Installing Ubuntu is the first process.As my operating system is windows 10, I have to install ubuntu after partitioning the drive. From this link I learned to partition windows. Ubuntu bootloader GRUB is capable of loading Windows.Steps followed in installing Ubuntu is :

Step 1: Download the Iso file.

Step 2: Download the Rufus tool which is used to make usb bootable.

Step 3: Burn iso file to usb and boot system.


Project Management


De-Humidifier for ABS and PLA materials

I always wanted to do something useful for others. I had many project plans, but during 3D printing week I found out that some print is not extruding as it is meant to be. When I learned that it was because we have high humidity level these PLA & ABS materials should be kept in cold and dry place.


Uses and Application

Used to prevent humidity for PLA and ABS materials

Have to convert AC to DC, and using a relay switch to connect Thermoelectric Cooling Peltier Plate Module

It can be used in every FABLABs


A Humidity & Temperature Sensor is given as the input to the microcontroller

As Humidity is above 50%, the relay will be active and De-Humidifying Module works

Minimum humidity will be set to 30%

Relay act as a Switch for De-Humifying Module

PLA & ABS material is stored in a closed air contained box