"In this world that we are passing through, We sometimes forget to say thank you. So before this moment slips away, there is just one thing I would like to say, THANKS A MILLION!"

Poem by: Paul McCann

June 30 my global evaluation for the fab academy is now completed. From 17th January 19.00 Hours (IST) to 30th June 24.00 Hours(IST). All these days I learned a lot.

I express my gratitude to Fab foundation for conduction this course. For every person who wants to be a maker, this is the ideal way. Completing this course would have been difficult without the people those who offered help at times.

Also, I would like to thank Kerala startup mission for organising this course and also for supporting each one of with scholarship

Instructor Yadu Sharon helped me significantly in my journey as a mentor and as a guide. His guidance enabled me to complete all the assignments in a right way. Instructor Lancy Felix and Instructor Vinod Kumar B G , helped a lot . Since I was not available for morning sessions due to my job, they used to teach me without any hesitation and encouraged to do all things. And I would like to express my most profound appreciation to all these three peoples who provided me with the possibility to complete this course.

Thanks for Suhas Labade , , Pradnya Shindekar for always checking my work giving feedbacks. And Also thanks to colleagues in my lab to supports me complete the assignments.

The special gratitude I give to my global evaluator, Wendy whose contribution in stimulating suggestions and encouragement, helped me to coordinate My documentation, especially in right way.

Last but not least, My special thanks to My parents, friends and who all had supported me to do this.