Digital Drum

Digital drum is a modern electronic musical instrument ,In first I had a different thought about my final project for making a "RF signal jammer device" but going through Neil's input and output week I decided to make something very attractive with sounds and lights thats the Reason I chosed Digital drum ,I studied more about it because my concept was very different and unique I there I got some beat notes and I also tried it in my output week

Flowchart of Working

My idea is to make a box like thing with plywood and it have 3rows and 3 columns in each columns are with capacitive sensor and fillind with perticular beat sound when we touch to each of these shells The beat will comes out through the speaker

Here I want to make it more atractive so I decided to go with putting LEDs in each cells which gives lights up in each touches so I think I can also connect the LEDs to the same sensor

Device having

electronic design and production
embedded programming
3d printing and shopbot CNC cutting
vinyl sticker

(earlier concept)

RF SIGNAL DETECTOR AND JAMMER(My first concept and I changed it as DIGITAL DRUM)

After getting the full thoughts of fabrication lab my mind brings me in the idea of making a" RF detector" (radio frequency detector). This instrument is very helpfull to find the signal from a cellular device. The RF detector can catch the hide use or signal transmission of cell phones in the restricted areas

I came up with the idea of detecting device upto 3G signal level. The signals are received by the Antenna in the device, After detecting the signal the device get beeped and the LED used in this device get lighted and the signal get reached at a particular level the device will jam the cell by Automatic jammer signal by the device.

Device having

electronic production
embedded programming
3d printing...

Bar diagram : showing the function