Neville Govender

Project Manager at the City of Ekurhuleni South Africa. I am currently managing 5 Fablabs within the city.

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My Envisaged Final Project

Trying to think of what i would like to make as a final project. I looked what problem do i have that i could use this opporunity to solve my problem. Last year I build a Fish tank , which came out very beautiful . The problem i had was that i would forget to feed the fish, and when i went on holiday i had to buy special vacation food , which actually makes the tank dirty. This is my opportunity to make a Automatic pet feeder for my fish tank. it would be a great project for my Fab academy but also sort out my problem at home for my fish when i go on holiday Read More

Final Project Sketch


+27(0)82 378 8441

1337 Eye of Africa, Eikenhof
Gauteng, South Africa