Week 1:

 Principles & Practices

Sketch of final idea

Task: Initial ideas

I am interested in creating a table as my final project at FabAcademy. I interested in creating a table a my final project at FabAcademy. You might ask why spend time on creating a table to which the short answer is: I will not just create any table. This page will introduce you to the ideas behind as well as the means I will use to develop the project.

I enjoy cooking, working and socializing. We recently moved from a newly renovated house with an open floorplan to a downtown appartment. The appartment is laid out so there is a hallway between the kitchen and the living / dining room. And the kitchen is not large enough to fit a traditional sitting area.

I want to create a table that is suitable for eating smaller meals, fits my home-working routines and invites hanging out.


The table (and a bench with storage) will be created by the means of a CNC-milling maschine and 3D-printed mounting/assembly parts. The table will include cup and wire holders created using molding and casting.

I will examine the opportunity to somehow integrate my calender into the table. This could include capacitive touch sensors, LCD/LEDs and an embedded microcontroller programmed to connect to my calender.

I hope to find a wider use of the components I develop during the course - and would be thrilled if I in the future could use 3D-scanning create digitally fabricated tailored furniture to fit any corner of any apartment - which furthermore could be customized with a range of embedded 'smart' solutions.

Code development in Atom
Website development and testing for resposiveness of design.


I have this week primarily spend time developing my website. It has been an intense iterative process, where my persistence luckily led to several eureka moments.

Eureka is an interjection used to celebrate a discovery or invention. It is a transliteration of an exclamation attributed to Ancient Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes (Wikipedia)

I have used: