Fablab Sorbonne - Paris, France




Oscillator Review 1

We introduced to the oscilloscope during the Electronic Design week. We used Vincent's FabISP which we knew was communicating to test the signal from the machine.

The oscilloscope shows signals over time running from left to right. It is necessary to adjust the dial to zoom to see activity. See to the correct zoom, you can see the signal operating on different voltage.

Oscillator Review 2

In this example, you can see the signal varying between 5 and 0 volts when the signal is communicating and when it is not.

Networking & Communication

Oscillator Review 4

Testing different programs shows how the oscilloscope picks up on intervals eg. a three second delay defined in Arduino IDE and programmed to the board.

In the case of week 14, it gave visual confirmation that the slave and master boards were communicating. The oscilloscope allowed us to problem solve other issues: Uptil then, the Ben's master board appeared not to be functioning because the slave LED was not lighting. However, when the master was shown to be communicating, it was simply a case of reviewing the correct wiring create communication between the boards.