Hi! I'm Massimiliano d'Angelo

I'm gonna be a maker
I've studied Industrial Design at S.U.N and Ecodesign at Politecnico of Turin. I am passionate about everything in the design world, specially self-production. I love the possibility of moving from concept to real product in a very short time, and the idea that it is really possible Make (Almost) Anything. This is why I joined the Fab Academy.


Since childhood, I have always loved building things, working with my hands, making objects with paper, wood, clay. Growing up, I tried to turn my passion into a job. I graduated in Industrial Design at the SUN of Naples, then I obtained my Master Degree in Ecodesign at Politecnico of Turin. During these years, I have witnessed the evolution of Industry 4.0, and I want became part of this world.

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Lab Node

I follow Fab Academy in Opendot lab. Opendot is a Fab Lab, launched by Dotdotdot in 2014, open and accessible to everyone; it is a space for innovation, which is generated through research and experimentation, the use of new rapid prototyping technologies and digital production, in an open and shared way. The Fab Lab is divided into work areas dedicated to carpentry, numerical control machines, electronics and is equipped with a kitchen. Inside they are able to experiment with digital production techniques and to create prototypes in a few hours, independently or followed by expert staff.

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Final Project

My concept for final project is a robot-lamp, that is possible to control by remotethrough a smart controller. That is thinked for photography studios or for stop-motion studios, where can be useful change position of lamp without moving to it, ut remaining behind your camera.

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