1. Objective

  • 1.1 Concept
  • 2. Stepper Motor Driver Carriers

  • 2.1 A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carriers PCB board
  • 2.2 Current limiter on board
  • 3. Cable Management

    4. Electronic Schematic

    5. Software

  • 5.1 Microcontroller
  • 5.2 Desktop Software
  • 6. G-code

    7. Result

    8. Reference

    9. Download

    1. Objective

    The objective of this week is to actuate and automate our machine.

    2. Stepper Motor Driver Carriers

    2.1 A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carriers PCB board

    The board is design to simplify the connection of the stepper motor driver ti the Satsha GBRL board.


    Pins MS1, MS2 and MS3 have to be connected in 5V in the A4988 stepper motor driver carriers so that it offers 1/16 step microstepping.

    This driver operates from 4.5V ti 35V and can diliver ip to approximately 1.5 A.

    2.2 Current limiter on board

    There is an on board timer poteniometer for setting the curent limit, turn it counter clockwise to decrease the current.

    After finished milling the PCB, we need to drill the holes with the diameter of 0.9 mm and 1 mm.

    Part list:

  • PCB board
  • MP6500 Stepper Motor Driver Carriers
  • Female pins
  • Male pins
  • Wire board 3.5 mm
  • Solder them all in the board and plug the pololu stepper motor driver.

    3. Cable Management

    3.1 Cable Management

    The 3d CAD of cable holder.

    Slicer for 3D pint the cable holders.

    Manage all the cables with the 3d printed cable holders.

    Cable management.

    4. Electronic schematic

    The pinout of the Satsha-grbl.

    The connections between the a4988 driver and Satsha-grbl

    5. Software

    5.1 Microcontroller

    GBRL is a controller for CNC Milling which run on Atmega 328.

    Download GRBLprogram and upload it on the satshakit-grbl board using the arduino IDE.

    5.2 Desktop Software

    Download and install UGS Platform.

    On the software use $$ command to get the current setting.

    Grbl v1.1 Commands

    To change the setting just simply type the the parameter on the console for example "100 = 200" which set that x-axis travel resolution is 200 step/mm.

    6. GCode

    The Fab modules is used to generate the g-code.

    Those are the parameters that I have used to draw with my machine.

  • Input format: Image.png
  • Output format:
  • Process: PCB traces 1/64
  • Cut speed : 16 mm/s
  • Plunge speed :16 mm/s
  • Jog speed :5 mm/s
  • Jog height : 7 mm
  • etc
  • 7. Result

    This is the first try to draw on my notebook.

    A2 drawing of a Barong.

    Madala drawing from our machine.

    7. Reference:




    UGS Platform

    Group documentation

    8. Download

    a4988 PCB board

    cable holder Solidworks

    cable holder STL