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It is a lighting fixture that has primitive projection feature and a sensor to know the distance to the subject to illuminate.

As a projector, it fits 5x5 pixel LED matrix, optical lens and a servo motor to adjust focal length. A ToF range sensor is used not only to keep the focal length optimum but to enable users to interact with the light. The main implication for this is a virtual switch: projected image of the light acts as a natural indicator and users simply hover a hand over it (or touch it) to turn on the light. 6 high luminance power LEDs are installed to distribute sufficient light to the subject.


I always hated a clummsiness of a typical switch for turning on/off light in houses.

It seemed the switch did not address to the most basic needs for an interface of light fixtures in housings as you may faced following problems:

  1. You don’t know which switch to toggle to turn on/off desired light. (mapping issue)

  2. Sometimes you don’t even know is there a light or not. (discoverability issue)

  3. Even if you know which switch to toggle, you may need to walk all the way down the corridor to reach the switch. (accessibility issue)

The points this product trying to make


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