Week 6. 3D scanning and printing

design rules for lab printer(s)

A printer we used was Replicator 2X. Test mode is All In One 3D Printer test by majda107 from Thingiverse. Printing settings are followings.

filament material PLA
hotend temperature 220
heated bed temperature 60
infill 20%
print speed 30 mm/s
layer height 0.3 mm

First, This is the result. Everything looked good except overhanging test.

overhanging is mess

Its size was a bit smaller than the model size by 1% because of shrinkage

No wrapping occurred.

There was no big dimensional difference between x and y axis.

Diameter test: a bit smaller than the model.

hole test: a bit smaller than the model. It's same as the diameter test.

Vertical pillar was beautifully printed.

But, hangover test was really mess.