WEEK9 : Embedded Programming
Group Assignment (other architectures)

RaspberryPi 3

Programing Language



We tried LED blink with RaspberryPi 3 and Scratch1.4.
  1. Connect LED to Raspberyy Pi
  2. Start GPIO Server
  3. Place parts as programmed
  4. Run


Because of having OS(Raspbian) and GPIO pins, RaspberryPi is easy to deal with.Especially, it is very nice to have no trouble to burn programs.

Scratch is realy easy to programing.However, it may be somewhat too simple. It is doubtful whether it can handle complicated processes.


Programming Language

  1. JavaScript on JavaScript Blocks Editor
  2. MicroPython on Mu

Process on JavaScript Blocks Editor

We coded LEDs with buttons.
  1. initial editor screen. We can see a various kind of blocks in Code Drawer.
  2. drag blocks to the box to edit
  3. corresponding JavaScript code was following
  4. download and the result
  5. micro:bit can also blink the external LED with button.
  6. pinout is here. source: micro:bit

Process on mu

micro:bit can understand a type of Python, called MicroPython, so we also tried it.
  1. We used Mu editor. Unlike Blocks Editor, it was based on text-based interface.
  2. Python was greek to me, so we tried a sample program.


micro:bit is small but powerful development board, which doesn't need a coding software. We can progrram through a browser. I am a novice with programming, so switching blocks editor and JavaScript back and forth will help me understanding how javascript program works.

I want a block editor for a python programming.


Individual work on Embedded Programming