Nadine H. Tuhaimer

Fab Academy 2018 | How to make almost anything

Inspiration behind the Katara Project

I was circling around a project with water integration since Fab Academy started and when I stumbled across a youtube video that creates awesome water shapes through sound frequency generated from a speaker it was like an epiphany moment for me!

So I wanted to do that then came along applications and implications week and we had to research what others have done before us, and that's when the real inspiration came from! I found The Aquarius Water Lamp done by the amazing Stephen Co and launched on a kickstarter campaign! And it was so pretty that I wanted to design one myself!

While I was working on my final project, I actually was a bit lost that I reached out to Stephen and he kindly guided me to the right path. We however ended up using two different methods of achieving something similar.

Check out the beautiful Aquarius that inspired the look of my humble Katara by visiting Nothern Circuits Inc., and in case you couldn't get your hands on one, try making the Katara yourself!

Special shout out to Stephen Co for his guidance and for complimenting my funnel design :)

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