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Output Devices

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Initial concepts

Servomotor vs Step Motors

Servotor is a rotary actuator or linear actuator that allows for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration. It consists of a suitable motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback.

.... suitable for use n a cloused-loop controled system.

Servotors vs. stepper motors

Servomotors are generally used as a high-performance alternative to the stepper motor.

A servomotor will automatically turn on whatever angle the controller instructs it yo, regardless of the initial position at power up.

Stepper motores have some inherent ability to control position, as they have built-in output steps. This allows them to be used as an open-loop position control, without any feedback enconder, as their signal specifies the number of steps of movement to rotate, but for this the controller needs to "know" the position of the stepper motor on power up. Therefore, on first power up, the controller will have to activate the stepper motor and turn it to a known position, e.g. until it activates an end limit switch. This can be observed when switching on an inkejet printer; the controller will nove the inkjet to the extreme left and right to stablish the end positions.

So I decied to replicate Neils example HELLO Stepper bipolar 44

Using this board png I made the Eagle project, which files are above

after exporting to CAM zip file, imported to FlatCam, and after worked send to Chilipeppr... and then to Carvey Milling Machine

...it took 3 houres from import into FlatCam and this boards milled seen in 3r image

--------------------------------- (-).(o) -----------------------------------

LED Array

decided to make one board inspired on Neils example but with some changes:

Power Jack

looking in the inventory I found this one

but there was no datasheet, so I looked on Farnel and found something...

RASM722X - DC Power Connector, Jack, 5 A, 2 mm, Surface Mount, Solder

but the EAGLE Library does not had any similar component, with only 3 legs...

after some search I found it's Symbol

So I'd to look for the componentfoot print, which I was available in this site SnapEDA

them I'd to

Final Schematic looks like this


XXXXXXXXxxx x x x x xxxxxx x x x x x x x x x:


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