Mónica Pedro

Electronics Design

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I'd started by looking into some projects made last year and figure out that I needed to renew some Electronics Basic concepts. SO I started with SparkFun’s tutorials on Eagle, and got the need to go deeper, especially with Physics domain so that while doing the assignment I could deep draft my final project. Some good videos here:

Software tools

I'd installed Eagle and KiCAD, and decided to invest more on KiCAD since it's Open Source.


Started by creating the schematic by myself, adding the components from Fab library

Created a board out of it...

... but after quite a few tutorials on Eagle and Board Design I got lost... so

... came back to basics... and fallowed FabAcademy Tutorial on Electronics Design

Introduction to Eagle

but.. needed some adjustments...

...substitute JP1 on dowloaded file by a 6 pin Header from Fab Library

and finally have the first board...

But after some days I forgot the pins orientation so I'd learned that from now on, I'll always make a picture of them, as fallows: